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Running KVM Nested in Microsoft Hyper-V


    The other day I was doing some training for my Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator Exam and I needed to practice configuring KVM VM’s and networking so I decided I would give it a shot. In the past I’ve worked with VMWare ESXI and a few other Level-1 Hyper-visors there were able to run other hyper-visors within them, this is a term referred to as nesting, so I just assumed that Microsoft Hyper-V would let me do this by default… I was wrong. So after messing with it a bit I eventually did get it working so I figured I would do a quick write-up because I couldn’t see the information posted anywhere else, so here we go.

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Disable Windows 10 Telemetry

I’m sure many of you have heard the adage that nothing in life is free, well I would like to take that one farther and propose my own adage “Nothing in life is free, and if it is free then you’re the product”. Windows 10 is a fantastic example, while in many ways it’s a vary solid piece of software the price tag is very concerning to me. Currently Microsoft is collecting telemetry data from all users including location data, typing data, handwriting data etc. This data is probably just used for their internal service offerings however it could be sold to other companies or used for other purposes. There is an Application that was written by O&O Software that will allow for easy configuration and disabling of all the new Windows 10 Telemetry and Spyware features, here’s a screenshot of the software,

Windows 10 Privacy

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Foobar2000 – How to Modify Window Move Control Size

I’ve recently started using Foobar2000 after about a year of using other media players. When I started to use the player again I noticed an issue with one of the themes that I had applied to my Foobar2000. I found that themes can modify the window selection size area (The area that you can click on to move the window around), this ended up causing me plenty of headaches in everyday use. Of course I found little documentation on how to update this setting and allow for better window control. For anybody interested this is where you would locate that setting in Foobar2000,

Edit Foobar Stuff

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Lollypop Music Player Arch Linux Install Guide


I’ve recently made the switch back to Arch Linux and decided that I really wanted to find a media player that fit the bill for me. In the past on Windows I was using Foobar2000 as my primary music player I loved the light resource usage but also the fact that I could customize the interface and make it beautiful.  Linux users generally suffer from a lack of beautiful applications that look polished and whenever I find an application that’s got a good UI and functionality I I feel inclined to share it.  I recently was informed about the existence of a newish media player for Linux called Lollypop, here’s a screenshot so you can see the UI


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