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Diablo 3 WASD Mac OSX [Download Included]

Over the past week I have been finishing up development on my Diablo 3 WASD implementation for Mac OSX. It’s been an interesting project and has had many obstacles to overcome, primarily native global keyboard hooking in Java! Now that development of the first version is done I’m happy to release it to the public! I have partnered with another developer named Jared Sigley from the diablo-iii-wasd project to bring you a cross platform implementation of WASD for Diablo 3! His program is written in Autohotkey and if you are a Windows user I highly suggest you check it out, the code has had more development time then mine and is more polished (in my opinion). That being said though work will continue on Diablo 3 WASD for OSX and feature suggestions are always welcome! Instructions for install are available here. If your interested in downloading Diablo 3 WASD please head over to the projects website!

EDIT – I’m having issues publishing version 1.01 which includes a smoothing fix on the project site, so for now here is the link to it!

EDIT – You need to enable Universal Access for the program to work, also restart your computer after you enable it to assure compatibility!

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  1. Tim #

    My mac mini running Lion throw an error when trying to run this .jar file. Good work, and I would like to see it running. If you want to contact me, that would be cool

    May 30, 2012

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