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Why You Shouldn’t Aggregate Your Social Networking

Everyday I have bouts of hatred for those of you that sync your social networking websites…. Here’s looking at you Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace users. I simple can’t understand the mentality of syncing updates across multiple social networks; Each network has a different feel and a different set of strengths and weaknesses. Facebook has better integration for sharing media such as photos, videos, and embedded links.While Twitter is better at sharing simple ideas that come across over text. I understand that some of you have different friends and followers on different social networks but that seems to fule my argument. Not all your friends on every network are interested in the same things, and if they are why do you even have both forms of social media? Just pick one! I think people should really understand what each form of social network is for, so below I have example of the difference between a tweet and a status update.


Oh my gosh look at this cool new thing #computers #ianmarmour


I just spent a wonderful loving day with my friends at the beach below is an attached picture of the awesome time we had! I really wish that my friend Charlie could have come with us!

     As you can see those two things are pretty different. The tweet was meant as a quick and informative update of something interesting that you found on the internet, or felt. Whereas the status update was letting all of your friends know exactly what you were doing, who you were doing it with, and even had a picture of what you were doing. Now I’m not saying those are the only cases that a tweet or status update should be used, but those are some good examples.

     Another factor to consider when you think about linking your accounts is the frequency of updates on each network. Twitter tends to be a far faster moving network with far more information posted on it, where as Facebook tends to be less dynamic, all though in recent times Facebook has sped up quite a bit. If you can’t keep up with updating multiple social networks you should probably think about disconnecting from one, or all of them depending on your situation. Syncing your social networks to provide ease of use is not only obnoxious for your friends and followers but ultimately degrades the quality of information on a Social Network and makes you a bad Internet Citizen. My point in writing this article is to bring awareness to the fact that you should think about what you post on the Internet and that includes what you post on Social Networking websites.


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    September 18, 2013

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