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Lollypop Music Player Arch Linux Install Guide


I’ve recently made the switch back to Arch Linux and decided that I really wanted to find a media player that fit the bill for me. In the past on Windows I was using Foobar2000 as my primary music player I loved the light resource usage but also the fact that I could customize the interface and make it beautiful.  Linux users generally suffer from a lack of beautiful applications that look polished and whenever I find an application that’s got a good UI and functionality I I feel inclined to share it.  I recently was informed about the existence of a newish media player for Linux called Lollypop, here’s a screenshot so you can see the UI




As you can see the interface is very reminiscent of Apple’s Coverflow in iTunes and I personally love it! The application makes grabbing album artwork pretty easy too if you don’t have the artwork already. It looks like the application reaches out to Google images and lets you grab and apply the album artwork to your albums. I’m not sure exactly how the application stores the artwork (I’m assuming it stores it in the directory with the album but haven’t been able to confirm this yet). On top of that the media player also tracks your recently played and popular albums which makes browsing through large libraries to find your recently played and popular music quite a bit easier. Getting the media player setup was a little more of an issue then I thought it would be so I thought I would make a post on the install procedures for Arch Linux incase you’re having an issue.





  • First things first you’re going to need AUR access to easily install this pacakage, we’re going to do this via a tool called PACAUR so here’s how to install that
    1. Open a Terminal
    2. Make a temporary directory for the install
      1. mkdir -p /tmp/pacaur_install
      2. cd /tmp/pacaur_install
    3. Install dependency’s
      1. sudo pacman -S expac yajl –noconfirm
    4. Install dependency cower
      1. curl -o PKGBUILD
      2. makepkg PKGBUILD –skippgpkey
      3. sudo pacman -U cower*.tar.xz –noconfirm
    5. Install PACAUR
      1. curl -o PKGBUILD
      2. makepkg PKGBUILD
      3. sudo pacman -U pacaur*.tar.xz –noconfirm
    6. Clean up the TMP Dir
      1. Cd ~
      2. rm -r /tmp/pacaur_install


  • Next we’re going to use our newly installed PACAUR to install Lollypop
    1. pacaur -S lollypop
    2. Accept the install prompt
    3. Click no when it asks you to look over the PKGBUILDS


  • Now we’re going to make sure you have all the g-streamer plugins to make sure everything works
    1. pacman -S gstreamer
    2. pacman -S gst-libav
    3. pacman -S gst-plugins-base
    4. pacman -S gst-plugins-good
    5. pacman -S gst-plugins-ugly


  • Now you should be able to just start up Lollypop and point it to your Music directory and it should load everything up and be good to go! (Keep in mind the album art feature needs write privs to the directories that are holding your music)


If you guys are having any other issues with Lollypop please feel free to ask for help and I’ll attempt to help you troubleshoot. This guide is specifically for Arch Linux however you can install Lollypop on pretty much any Linux distro but the install instructions will be a little different.

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