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Disable Windows 10 Telemetry

I’m sure many of you have heard the adage that nothing in life is free, well I would like to take that one farther and propose my own adage “Nothing in life is free, and if it is free then you’re the product”. Windows 10 is a fantastic example, while in many ways it’s a vary solid piece of software the price tag is very concerning to me. Currently Microsoft is collecting telemetry data from all users including location data, typing data, handwriting data etc. This data is probably just used for their internal service offerings however it could be sold to other companies or used for other purposes. There is an Application that was written by O&O Software that will allow for easy configuration and disabling of all the new Windows 10 Telemetry and Spyware features, here’s a screenshot of the software,

Windows 10 Privacy

The software is pretty easy to use and it recommends you create a System Restore Point on your HDD if possible. This application is utilizing registry hacks to disable all the new telemetry features of Windows 10 along with some other features that you may consider to be bad. You don’t have to disable all of the features and some of them you may wish to keep so just make sure you read through all the settings when you are using this tool. One setting that I find particularly annoying is “Windows Update via Peer-to-Peer”, this feature was added into Windows 10 so that Microsoft could roll out the software via the web without destroying their own servers, the issue with this setting though is that it uses your computer to send data to other users that are downloading Windows 10 which dramatically reduces your overall network speed and in some cases may cause other network issues depending on your ISP.

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