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Foobar2000 – How to Modify Window Move Control Size

I’ve recently started using Foobar2000 after about a year of using other media players. When I started to use the player again I noticed an issue with one of the themes that I had applied to my Foobar2000. I found that themes can modify the window selection size area (The area that you can click on to move the window around), this ended up causing me plenty of headaches in everyday use. Of course I found little documentation on how to update this setting and allow for better window control. For anybody interested this is where you would locate that setting in Foobar2000,

Edit Foobar Stuff

To increase the size of the window border that you can select simply increment the value upwards, if you want to decrease the size simply de-increment the value. As you can see this setting is independent of which UI elements you have enabled in Foobar2000 so it should work for un-themed clients as well. The only thing you really need to watch out for is that you don’t increase the size beyond the size of the UI elements that allow for minimize, maximize and close. You can probably find a setting that allows for those to be moved down in your theme though if you want a larger window control segment.

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