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Skinner Boxes, Gaming Compulsion and Biohacking

The year is 2015 and our global culture is currently immersed in widespread love for gaming. The gaming industry is bigger then ever and it’s growing quickly and spreading into all facets of life. Gaming is now considered a form of art and an emerging media format however that being said I think that there is something that we’re all forgetting to notice, gaming is a timesink. Now that being said obviously most people have enough self control to avoid gaming for ridiculously long time periods (think 8 – 12 hours+) but that being said I also notice many of my peers and myself falling into “gaming compulsion” (Not addiction). Now at it’s face value that might seem a little bit ridiculous however I urge you to read on and to come to better understand what gaming compulsion is as well as why it occurs and how to use it to our advantage!

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How to Enable Xbox One to Windows 10 Streaming

As many of you probably just updated to Windows 10 you’re probably confused on how to stream games/content from your Xbox One to your PC. To enable this setting you simply need to go to the Windows Store and click on check for updates. For more indepth instructions read more after the break.

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Script Execution on RTorrent Completion

I’ve been digging around the Internet looking for advice on setting up an automated torrenting system. It was a requirement for me to have rsync sync from my remote server to my local media server on torrent completion in rtorrent. I finally managed to troubleshoot my configuration and get it working so I figured I would compile some tips for those of you trying to set up something similar. Here’s how I went about getting RSync (or any other script) to execute on RTorrent completion.

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Electronic Cigarettes – A Comprehensive Introduction

Smoking is an incredibly common habit with the number of smokers currently getting close to 1 billion. It’s also one of the most dangerous habit’s that one can have, it kills more then 480,000 people annually. However because it’s such an addictive habit and many people enjoy the feelings it brings them the incentive to quit isn’t high enough. Couple those things with the fact that going through nicotine withdrawal is a terrible feeling and you can see why the number of smokers keeps increasing not decreasing. Now what if I told you there was a solution to quitting that didn’t make you quit doing the thing you love and allowed you to keep getting the nicotine that you enjoy? Enter the electronic cigarette.

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My Adventures Into the Prism – A Google Glass Rant


I was recently chosen by Google to enter their Explorer program for Google Glass. Being as interested about computers as I am I obviously jumped at the chance that Google had given me and dropped the 1500 USD they were asking for the device. I waited anxiously for the next week for the device to arrive to me (It had to be shipped to a US address than shipped internationally otherwise this process would have only been a few days at most). The day the device came I anxiously drove home to unbox the device and put it on. This post will be a recap of what my first week with glass from unboxing till today.

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