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Posts tagged ‘Arch Linux’

Lollypop Music Player Arch Linux Install Guide


I’ve recently made the switch back to Arch Linux and decided that I really wanted to find a media player that fit the bill for me. In the past on Windows I was using Foobar2000 as my primary music player I loved the light resource usage but also the fact that I could customize the interface and make it beautiful.  Linux users generally suffer from a lack of beautiful applications that look polished and whenever I find an application that’s got a good UI and functionality I I feel inclined to share it.  I recently was informed about the existence of a newish media player for Linux called Lollypop, here’s a screenshot so you can see the UI


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Setting up HDMI Audio Output on Linux

So today I was building a new Arch Linux install for my desktop and I ran across an interesting problem.The HDMI ouput on my Radeon HD 4870 wasn’t working. So for about the past 2 hours I was digging around the Internet looking at what I would have to do to get this sucker working (if I even could). Finally came across the solution that should work for most Linux flavors and most of the ATI Radeon family.

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