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Skinner Boxes, Gaming Compulsion and Biohacking

The year is 2015 and our global culture is currently immersed in widespread love for gaming. The gaming industry is bigger then ever and it’s growing quickly and spreading into all facets of life. Gaming is now considered a form of art and an emerging media format however that being said I think that there is something that we’re all forgetting to notice, gaming is a timesink. Now that being said obviously most people have enough self control to avoid gaming for ridiculously long time periods (think 8 – 12 hours+) but that being said I also notice many of my peers and myself falling into “gaming compulsion” (Not addiction). Now at it’s face value that might seem a little bit ridiculous however I urge you to read on and to come to better understand what gaming compulsion is as well as why it occurs and how to use it to our advantage!

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